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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Fringe Season 4

The fourth season of Fringe was once again under the threat of being the final installment so a lot of the episodes and arcs were geared towards bringing storylines to a reasonable conclusion however the loss of Peter in the mix at least early on kinda brought about more of a reset feel. For me that didn't really work very well even with Lincoln doing some able work with the Fringe team and for Stargate fans we got a very small glimpse of Joe Flanigan in the first episode. We have a new breed of shape shifter which strains the cooperation and trust between the now two linked universes and no denying that having the alternate universe in play once again adds nice depth. In regards to the reset it's probably a little negative to look at it that way because in story terms the world has been reset thanks to Peter and his removal from the timeline, it does open up some interesting storylines once he is back in play especially with the observers and ultimately the question of David Robert Jones and his plans or those of someone else pays off big time as this season draws to a close.

The two main highlights for this season was the fantastic appearance of Leonard Nimoy once again bringing William Bell to life and maybe just maybe my favourite episode of the series (certainly this season) being "Letters of Transit" which introduced us to Etta and her world which was expanded upon in the fifth and final season. There must be something about episodes which twist the shows premise that I like, my favourite episode of Stargate Atlantis does something along the same lines.
Anyhow this isn't the greatest season of Fringe especially after the wonderful third season but there are plenty of good episodes and some excellent performances, I dare you to have a dry eye when Astrid and he counterpart are playing off each other:)
Favourite Episodes...
  • Letters of Transit
  • One Night in October
  • Welcome to Westfield
  • Making Angels

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