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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Battlestar Galactica Rewatch ( Part 5 )

Battlestar Galactica Rewatch

The Magnificent Warriors

A Cylon raid against the fleet succeeds in destroying two of the three Agro
ships and seriously damaging the third and the fleet has to find a new source
of seed to replenish the greenhouses. A plan is devised to visit a nearby
farming world whose population Adama speculates may have been an off
shoot of the 13th colony and trade an "Energizer" aka generator in return
for fresh seed. Problems arise when the only energizer without colonial
markings is under private ownership and the woman is looking to renew
her "friendship" with a suddenly shy and timid Adama. Further complications
arise when the Energizer gets stolen, Starbuck gambles to buy the seed
and ends up trying to defend the town from marauding natives.
This is the second episode to have a very strong western theme, there is certainly
elements of The Magnificent Seven in the episode but overall it's played for
laughs, it must have been played for laughs otherwise oh dear.
Adama becoming the befuddled woman shy guy was ridiculous and bargaining
for the energizer unbelievable and one thing for sure Starbuck and Boomer should
never be allowed to negotiate for anything. While we are nit-picking exactly what
was the issue about walking out of the Sheriff's job and was each full moon a
surprise to this farming community?
Starbuck has a gambling problem.
Overall it was a little daft and pretty much unforgettable but if lessons are to be
learned then keep your high value ships close to the warship not on the
outskirts of the fleet.

The Young Lords

Starbuck is feeling a little sorry for himself and contemplating the future, if this
was a cop movie he would be a day away from retiring and yup he gets himself
shot down and crashes on a Cylon controlled world. This region of space seems
to have a lot of very handy planets to crash into all with Cylons on.
He is rescued by two young adults one riding what has to a Unicorn and this family
has serious issues with white feathers and furs, not exactly conducive to hiding from
Cylons in woodland, then again shiney metal men are not exactly stealthy either.
Top quality composition and set design
Baltar is on the way and it's pretty much a race against time to rescue Starbuck
before he his captured by the local garrison and tortured for the location of the fleet.
It is always amazing how just when they need a planet to land on one appears, not sure
anyone gave a monkees about the physical layout of the galaxy in terms of Star distribution
but hey we'll let it go because there is some very nice location work and set pieces in
this episode. I'm not sure about the Unicorn or the feather/fur outfits but Spectre for sure was
an absolute riot as well as the "jealousy" of Lucifer and Baltar's glee at their actions.
Alas this was another average episode although it does get high points for location shooting
and set design but the funky costumes were very much of the era and that is such a potential
pitfall for any series which is being watched years later.
Lucifer and Baltar, comedic genius.

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