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Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Dresden Files Disk 2

Bad Blood

This is a Bianca story and partly told in flashback when Harry met her just
after he had killed Justin. In this version Bianca is very different from the
novels having had a sexual relationship with him and still considering him
if not a friend not an enemy.Mystery surrounds an assassination attempt
against Bianca which draws in the high council wet work team who
themselves get butchered and in walks Ancient Mia asking about Bianca
and a drug called "Third Eye". Power struggles and betrayals abound as
Harry simply tries to survive as all around him blood is split.
Joanne Kelly (Warehouse 13) and Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, V) co-star.

Soul Beneficiary
Three separate people die while in Harry's office/home, one of them twice and so
we have Harry investigating the darkest black magic used to kill while getting
some serious looks from the guys on the meat wagon. We also learn a little of
Bob's history and meet Waldo Butters a semi-regular in the novels but alas
he is the character in name only, polka wasn't even born in this version.
There are a few laughs in this episode especially near the end and helps
to lighten the mood a little, it is a rather nasty crime and the main victim
really does go through the ringer.

Harry witnesses a hit and run and the death of a young woman who had
been seeking his help. An off the book investigation of a local college fraternity
identifies those involved and the use of black magic to aid in various robberies
including a bank job which goes tragically wrong.
A fairly generic story of demon influence and the naive being blind to the
consequences and apart from the girl and one young man you don't feel
any sympathy for them something Bob is quite happy to point out.


Storm Front
The re-edit of the pilot down to 42minutes eventually turns up as the eighth
episode in the broadcast schedule, never a good thing. As mentioned earlier
Harry investigates the death of a mobster and his girlfriend who both
died through black magic. Harry is also chased down by a demon, deals with
a local reporter and threats from Ancient Mai and Morgan.
There are huge chunks missing in this edit but some of them do turn up
in other episodes but this certainly wouldn't have made a good pilot and
the full version was too different to the actual series. Best of a bad job I guess:)

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