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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Windows can be a bitch!

I know lets buy a couple of large hard drives and set them up as Raid 1 to not only reduce power consumption and noise but also protect content and come on it surely ain't difficult?
Well when I got down to it I found that the RAID driver is not part of a XP Pro install and you can only add in during the install process using a floppy disk. Some goggling pointed me towards creating a custom install CD using my legit XP disk but multiple attempts met with failure every time.
I dug out an old hard drive and tried a clean install and again the process continued to fail pointing to a fundamental flaw with the custom install disks I created. I did however do a clean install on the hard drive minus the RAID drivers just as a backup option should I screw up even more:)

I've now ordered a USB Floppy (yeah all these years of not throwing away any computer kit and I can't find floppy drive) and we'll see how that copes with an XP install. Of course if I buy Windows 7 then the RAID function/drivers are inclusive but I have no interest in changing to an OS which won't run a number of programmes I use regularly.

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