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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Going Postal

Going Postal airs today (30th)at 6pm on SKY1 with the second part airing tomorrow. The trailers certainly give the "movie" a different look and style compared to the previous two adaptations perhaps thanks in part to a new director.
This novel is one of my favourite Discworld stories despite not being a Guards or Witch based story but it has an excellent main character and the plot is very much grounded in real world events.

It's in HD as well, excellent:)

The Indianapolis 500 is on at the same time on SKY Sports, praise be the DVR.


TheShayneShow said...

I didn't realise Going Postal was finished, I guess that will be another DVD purchase.

Jarrak said...

From reading bits and bobs of news the production was a little more rocky than the previous two adaptations but it's been ready to go for a while. Rumour was that Easter was the intended broadcast date but they pushed it back until this UK bank holiday weekend.

Really would like a Blu-ray:)