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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mini Movie Reviews

The Time Travellers Wife

An epic romance across decades is the background to the relationship between Henry and Clare a couple who are are destined to marry after their first meeting when she was a young girl and he a mid 30's guy. It's not the most intense movie but if you settle into the pace it's a good love story as both handle the knowledge they each gain and impart thanks to Henry jumping through time.

Black Dynamite

A throwback to the 1970's black exploitation movies which peaked with the brilliant Shaft.
Black Dynamite is a former CIA operative who can fight better than anyone, satisfy a woman or women better than anyone but remembers where he came from and the promise to his mother.
The film is funny and in your face but an acquired taste.

The Proposal

A Sandra Bullock romantic comedy, nothing special there and while I enjoyed the movie and damn she
still looks fantastic (loved the near nude scene) it was not "while you were sleeping" but a welcome return
to form for the actress. Ryan Reynolds was good as her characters assistant/fianance and always good to
see Mary Steenbergen.

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