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Saturday, 4 July 2009

TV news

It's been reported that the UK Scifi channel will screen the 13th episode of Dollhouse, the one that FOX refused to screen although it will I believe appear on the DVD set. In other news Legend of the Seeker has also been picked up by Scifi, it's a pity they can not match the schedulers of other broadcasters with UK screening within a week of the US, I am long past putting up with the apathy of UK channels.

On a totally different topic, Dads are they not awkward sods?
My mother was telling me about a spicy fruit loaf me dad picked up when they went shopping, it cost £1.40 pre-sliced, she told him to put it back and get the unsliced version which was only 79p, he refused and bought the more expensive sliced one.

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