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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Never a dull moment in sports tv rights

The Friday deadline passed and the Premier League didn't see the £30million they were owed and so Setanta have been stripped of their rights to next seasons 46 televised games, the likely hood is that despite being viable before entering the PL market it's unlikely they will be able to take that step back as they may default on other sports as new subscribers dry up.
In F1 we see the teams which make F1 watchable pulling out, quite right because when the rule making body and the vested interests who take the top slice of the cash think they are more important than the teams and people providing the spectacle a change is needed. If there is no more movement on the differences between Bernie/Max/FIA and FOTA then who exactly is going to pay the hundreds of millions of pounds to host, broadcast and advertise in F1 as it will be without Toyota, Renault, Maclaren, BMW and Ferrari etc.

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