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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Panasonic TH-46PZ85B

My new TV arrived well yesterday but only just got it setup and I have to say even though I really couldn't fault my 9986 LCD this new Plasma really is in another league.
The model is the TH-46PZ85B from Panasonic and cost me £600 less than the 32" LCD I bought in December 2004, everything else is rocketing in price but HD displays are falling through the floor.


northy said...

hi mike
hows things with you still pissed of with the traveling ? to work, question for you you no more about things than me :)need a lcd tele which can act as a good pc moniter as well only need 22 inch though or 24 at a push any ideas thanks alot northy

Jarrak said...


I finish work at 3pm now so miss most of the heavy traffic around Queens and Prory Island but still get the school traffic driving through town!
I've got the option of working 6-2 but I don't fancy that on a regular basis:)

As for a LCD TV/Monitor in the screen size region then you can't really go wrong with a Samsung. They won't always be the cheapest (there are plenty of no-name sets on the market) but they kick ass monitor wise and have a solid place in the TV market.