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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Destiny Nexus by Ceri London

Destiny Nexus (Shimmer In The Dark, #2)Destiny Nexus by Ceri London
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Destiny Nexus is the second novel in the Shimmer in the Dark series and continues the story of Major Niall Kearey and the Astereans on Earth, events which almost spun out of control in the first novel flare up once again as the paranoia and vested interests from across the globe strive to deal with a man who could remake the world. What many fail to realise or simply can not grasp is that Niall is a man of integrity and honour who values family and friendship and when his word is given he will honour it. The military and politicians who lack these traits see only a threat to mankind and by extension their own power and influence so moves are made to secure his cooperation but a threat is on the horizon from an age old entity which the Astereans and many species in the universe have fallen foul to and now it is searching for the being that could defy it and he is on Earth.
Destiny Nexus was a great read, fast paced and lots going on and while it would be so easy for a story which weaves in time manipulation to get lost in itself Ceri kept everything in check and gave us action, suspense, drama and a few shocking moments that had me bemoaning that fact that demands on my time kept me from reading just one more chapter right there and then.

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