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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 17

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 17

Natural Election
Whilst searching for wormholes Moya gets covered by an alien plant like creature
which begins to digest the ship, a bad decision by John and D'Argo accelerates
the process and they consider abandoning Moya and Pilot.
Pilot demands that he takes order from one captain, a vote is taken
Don Quixote
Locked in a virtual reality game John and Ciana have to figure out what is real and
what is not as Moya comes under threat. A wonderfully inventive episode with lots
of laughs, Claudia in a blonde wig and southernish accent is enthralling:)
I Shrink Therefore I Am
Bounty Hunters board Moya and capture the crew but John and Noranti and in a
pod, John evades the hunters and destorys their ship and plays cat and mouse
learning some surprising truths about his pursuers.
A Perfect Murder
Aeryn finds herself on a world where she comes to believe she help to assassinate
a leader, the world has strict moral codes so Chiana goes down a storm:)
I really am not a fan of this episode.

Coup by Clam
Moya requires a little upgrade and whilst in orbit around a world dominated by males
the crew through the deeds of an unscrupulous doctor got themselves in the middle of
a gender led coup. A funny episode as characters are linked and what happens to one
happens to the other, good and bad.
Don Quixote with Ben and Claudia
Deleted Scenes
Listening in with Guy Gross

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