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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 19

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 19

Bringing Home the Beacon
The ladies of Moya visit a commerce station to buy technology with which to
protect Moya in this region of space. Complications arise when Peacekeepers
and Scarrans board the station and look to negotiate a peace treaty.
A Constellation of Doubt
John watched a video recording of a show about their visit to Earth whilst stressing
over the location of the secret Scarran base known as Katratzi.
Nick Tate (Space 1999) guest stars.
Aeryn on board a Scarran vessel is interrogated as to the were abouts of
John Crichton and then the father of her unborn. If it's Johns then the Scarrans
believe it's DNA will also hold the key to unlocking wormholes. Meanwhile
John and Scorpius do something crazy to find the location of Katratzi.
We're So Screwed: Fetal Attraction
On a border control facility Moya and her crew catch up to the ship carrying Aeryn
and everyone goes undercover in an attempt to gain access and they begin to
manufacture a conflict to aid their escape.
We're So Screwed: Hot To Katratzi
John builds a nuclear weapon armed with a dead mans switch and offers the wormhole
tech in exchange for a ton of cash and promise of safety. Of course it's all a con to rescue
Scorpius but a major twist leads to a long term threat to the Earth.
Wonderful prosthetics and design for the Scarran Emperor.
Deleted Scenes

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