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Friday, 31 December 2021

Return of the Colossus by Nicole Grotepas


Return of the Colossus: A Steampunk Space Fantasy Adventure (Holly Drake Jobs Book 8)Return of the Colossus: A Steampunk Space Fantasy Adventure by Nicole Grotepas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The eighth novel in this series continues the story of Holly Drake and her partners in crime as they live day to day in society which is obviously far more complex and mysterious and maybe even dangerous than any of them believed. As forces from outside the solar system cast shadows Holly continues to understand her fathers place in the scheming and organised crime which is an undercurrent of the 6 moon system. The core narrative of this book is the influence one Ume Kauss has over Holly and her friends, blackmail and extortion are often used to get what you want and this time Holly is having to keep her calm and play nice, naturally this doesn't last too long but there is far more going on than she suspects.
This eighth novel allowed for growth in some characters as well as inching the overall plot forward but this is a series so it's expected every novel isn't going to provide a leap forward in every aspect. Curious to see how Holly handles her "personal" relationships and keeping everyone happy as well as the demands of being a bigger player in this game.

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