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Friday, 17 December 2021

Borg Cube Advent Calendar Week 3

Borg Cube Advent Calendar 
Week 3

Day 15.
Stickers which are always useful and already applied.

Day 16.
A very significant piece of metal described as a paperweight in a classic design.

Day 17.
Early Ben Sisko pin, you know when he had hair because he would have been too intimidating otherwise.

Day 18.
The artwork of Juan Ortiz is pretty spectacular, I already have The City on the Edge of Forever framed on the wall and these postcards are just as nice.

Day 19.
If you can't tell this is a metal bookmark, would not have guessed that without the hint from the included card.

Day 20.
A folding plastic "case" for a travel card or similar. Gotta say it's hard to drum the enthusiasm for some of these items.

Day 21.
An espresso mug, my thought whenever I see such a mug is WTF humanity so no real joy here.

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