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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Battlestations! by Diane Carey

Battlestations! (Star Trek: Fortunes Of War, #2)Battlestations! by Diane Carey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Battlestations! by Diane is the sequel to her novel Dreadnought! and makes full use of the same main characters along with the usual crew of the Enterprise. In this story Lt Commander Piper fresh from her promotion is living the command track by working on Kirk's ocean going sail boat when Starfleet security beam onboard to "escort" Kirk and any of his command crew to headquarters. He doesn't reveal that Piper is aboard and when he is beamed away she evades capture and meets up with her new command (arranged by Kirk).
It turns out the Sarda the young Vulcan weapons specialist is believed to be associated with the theft of classified cutting edge transwarp technology during the chaos of the Starfleet investigation into the treason and corruption within the ranks. Piper once again teamed up with her friends warps towards the planet Argelius intent on finding out the truth but find more than they bargained for when the technology is put to use and a mad scramble by numerous galactic powers leads to a shooting war to possess the technology.
Battlestations! is a fun read but not quite upto the standard of the first novel although I have to admit the scene painted by Diane of Kirk at the helm of his ketch named "Edith Keeler" is something I would have so loved to have seen on screen.

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