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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Chain of Attack by Gene DeWeese

Chain of AttackChain of Attack by Gene DeWeese
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Enterprise equipped with some new sensors designed to detect the disturbances in the fabric of space caused by some recently discovered anomalies runs straight into one which was undetected. The ship and her crew are flung half way across the Universe into a region of space where every world has been scoured of life dating from a few hundred years to tens of thousands. As the Enterprise explores the region looking for anything that could lead them back to an anomaly they encounter a small warp capable ship and are attacked, they encounter more ships and observe an almost senseless desire to destroy. They manage to capture one of the crew and slowly but surely they convince the alien that they are not an enemy bent on destroying their homeworld and together then also make contact with a second alien species and learn of the terrible events that have been ongoing for longer than both these species have had space flight.
Chain of Attack always felt like a straight forward story with a huge amount of potential which wasn't going to get exploited in a single Star Trek paperback. In many ways this could have been an epic if the individual worlds and commanders had been explored rather than wrapping the events up in a single book. It's by no means a poor story and the alien species and events are compelling but it's not the unique to stand out from the crowd so to speak.

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