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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Crisis on Centaurus by Brad Ferguson

Crisis on CentaurusCrisis on Centaurus by Brad Ferguson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Crisis on Centaurus is a strange beast, there is a lot of the novel that is Star Trek but quite a bit that feels out of the place given what we understood the Federation to be at the time of the original series. In that respect I always felt like I was reading a scifi book that just happened to have the original series Trek characters within but that aside it's fine but maybe not what you would be expecting. Perhaps in the early days of the Pocket Books there was room for far more variety and interpretation after continuity be damned in Trek publishing:)
The story concerns a politically inspired terrorist attack on the world of Centaurus and an already damaged Enterprise being forced to intercede, complications rise when they discover the planets automated defence system is attacking any ships that approach leading to the the destruction of medical ships which reached the planet before Enterprise. This novel if I recall was my first introduction to Joanna McCoy and I quite like her character and how it shaped the "Bones" backstory and the return of Samuel T. Cogley was most welcome. Overall though the novel doesn't really delve into the complexity of what would drive a political splinter group to using WMD's nor the culture that gave birth to them, seemed out of place but again not if this was a non-Trek novel. Alas you will always be scratching your head a little over the events that occur but if you can let them slide it's not a bad read at all.

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