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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Traitor Winds by L.A. Graf

Traitor Winds (Star Trek: The Lost Years, #3)Traitor Winds by L.A. Graf
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Traitor Winds is part of the Lost Years series and continue the story of a post five year mission Enterprise and her crew. In this novel the refit of the Enterprise is nearing completion and many of the previous main bridge crew have taken assignments that keeps them close in the hopes of shipping out once again. Uhura is teaching at the academy, Sulu is a test pilot for a classified project and Chekov having been passed over for command school has moved over to Security and is struggling to compete with much younger "students". A chance meeting with Dr McCoy and former Enterprise medical officer Dr Piper has Chekov taking part in a classified research project analysing Klingon disruptors but the technology is stolen and highly secret technology goes missing from Sulu's project. Evidence points to the two former Enterprise officers and both end up on the run, Uhura and Kirk attempt to sort out the evidence against what they know about their friends and with aid from former colleagues and a few unexpected sources the conspiracy is revealed.
Traitor Winds was a rewarding read, the Federation and Starfleet presented in this novel and the Lost Years series skews the "tv" narrative and brings it more into a realm the reader would recognise in our own world. This can be good or bad depending upon the reader's expectations of Trek and Scifi in general but for me it works well in small doses.

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