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Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Patrian Transgression by Simon Hawke

The Patrian TransgressionThe Patrian Transgression by Simon Hawke
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Enterprise is assigned a mission to the as of yet unaligned world of Patria I who have expressed a desire to become Federation members. This world has been monitored for the last two decades and have just achieved limited FTL capability and learning they were not alone initiated contact thus forcing the issue. The world while seemingly embracing the concept of the Federation is undergoing limited rebel activity which suddenly escalates with the use of energy based weapons which can only have been supplied by an alien visitor to the planet.
Kirk and the Federation Special Envoy Robert Jordan (former Starfleet) are expected to negotiate entry into the Federation as well as solve the rebel problem or more importantly prevent outside interference and contamination of the culture. However all is not as it seems, the society is not as peaceful or unified as the government has made out and certain laws and practices currently common would prevent Patria from joining the Federation. Kirk comes under pressure from all sides as he investigates events on the planet and in the star system.
The Patrian Transgression was a pretty standard Star Trek story, limited in scope but having some interesting ideas and finally a Federation official that goes beyond the usual type shown on the tv series. The Patrian police officer Lieutenant Iano was a good character and full of surprises and it was nice to see quite a bit of the novel focusing on McCoy with some good real world issues.

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