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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Carry On Cleo

I picked up one of my favourite Carry On movies yesterday on Blu-ray, I say picked up but I clicked on a pre-order via Amazon UK a few months ago and the movie arrived yesterday:)
Carry On Cleo is set against the turmoil, brutality and betrayal of the clash between the Roman and Egyptian empires with little old Britain a resource for slaves and other things, especially from Bristol for some reason, oh the subtle humour of the time:)

Carry On Cleo 


TheShayneShow said...

There are Blu-rays ?

I have them all on DVD, is there much of a gain picture and sound quality wise ?

Jarrak said...

The image quality is pretty good but nothing to really consider show case material, audio again clean and crisp but as good as you might expect. Extras I think are the same, commentary track etc but right now only 2 or 3 movies on Blu, Cowboy is out next month.