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Monday, 3 September 2012

Star Trek Marathon XIX

Star Trek Marathon XIX
Season 3 Disk 5

The Cloud Minders
A desperately needed mineral takes the Enterprise to the planet Ardana and the revered cloud city of Stratos where art and culture thrive leaving a lower class of people to mine the mineral and be denied the benefits of their world. Spock is eyed up by Droxine ( Diana Ewing ) and complications arise as the Troglytes rebel leading to Kirk getting involved. It's said that Stratos was going to be the focus of at least one episode of Enterprise which would have been interesting and would have fit into the fourth season quite nicely.
The Savage Curtain
Kirk and Spock are stranded on the volcanic world of Excalbia playing a deadly game of life and death with manifestations of both good and bad beings from various cultures including President Lincoln and Surak. A rather weak episode including the rock monster although the justification from Kirk for their actions made perfect sense.

All Our Yesterdays
On the planet Sarpeidon the people have ventured in their own past to escape the immanent destruction due to their star going nova. Kirk get's stuck in a medieval timeframe and accused of being a witch while Kirk and Spock are thrown back 5000 years into an ace age where they meet Zarabeth ( Mariette Hartley ) a woman exiled and all alone. This is a pretty good episode more so because it was spun out to two novels by A C Crispin which deals with the consequences of the events between Spock and Zarabeth. 

Turnabout Intruder
Dr Janet Lester ( Sandra Smith ) an old flame of Kirk's from the academy days is one of the two survivors of expedition who have died from radiation poisoning, she is still bitter over their breaks years before and her failure to enter into the command programme at Starfleet. With the aid of alien technology she swaps her conciousness with Kirk's and takes command of the ship with the intent to kill off Kirk in her old body and live his life. There are some interesting ideas in this episode but they all fall by the wayside by the god awful way the writers/producers etc allow women to be portrayed, not only the fact that in the multicultural Federation women are denied access to higher levels of command in Starfleet but the claims and support of medical that a womans "hysteria" is valid. 

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