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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Star Trek Marathon XVII

Star Trek Marathon XVII
Season 3 Disk 3

Wink Of An Eye
The Enterprise finds the planet of Scalos deserted but the last survivors of this advanced race are living their lives in a different timeframe hyper accelerated beyond normal. Deela ( Kathie Browne ) hitchers a ride onto the ship and brings Kirk into her frame with the intent to use him to father then next generation and to keep the rest of the crew on ice for when they are needed. A fun episode once again relying on Kirk's animal magneticism to enrapture alien women.

The Empath
I guess this would be a high concept story but it doesn't quite work as the question is always asked exactly why is this the only recourse for these aliens. Anyhow Kirk gets his shirt off and is oiled up so not a total loss for the Kirk shirtless fan club:)
Elaan Of Troyius
A serious nod to Greek mythology/history as Elaan ( France Nuyen ) the Dohlman of her world is required to marry the leader of Troyius to cement a peace treaty but in Taming of the Shrew style she isn't really upto this and further complications arise with the interference of the Klingons who for some reason are interested in these worlds. The TNG episode "The Perfect Mate" has some similarities.

Whom Gods Destroy
A new wonder drug used to treat the insane is delivered to a secure facility but the former Fleet Captain Garth played by Steve Ihnat armed with gifts given to him by an alien race he then tried to destroy attempts to replace Kirk and escape to once again try to place himself as emperor of the galaxy. A clever idea with human augmented with alien abilities but once again we see the screening for Federation Starfleet captains isn't upto much:)
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Two beings one labelled a criminal the other a security officer clash onboard the Enterprise and continue their thousands of year conflict even when they discover the fate of their homeworld. This should have been a better episode but you can't really get over the make up which is used in a totally unsubtle manner to emphasis racial conflicts on Earth.


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