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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Star Trek Birthdays

While there are always going to be Trek cast and crew who are celebrating their birthdays every single day of the year today August 19th is a little special. 
The late great Gene Roddenberry was born this day back in 1921 (he passed Oct 24th 1991) and left a legacy that will live with the human race for as long as we create and tell our stories. To add spice to the 19th we also celebrate the birthdays of Diana Muldaur who guest starred in TOS (twice) and in the third season of TNG. Johnathan Frakes also shares this special day, he stood tall all through the seven seasons of TNG as well as appearing in DS9, Voyager and Enterprise (less said about that one the better) as well as the Next Gen movie series. He now works behind the camera directing within the tv market such shows as Leverage and Burn Notice.

Gene Roddenberry IMDB

Diana Muldaur IMDB

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