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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gatecast Still Down, Ba'al suspected!

It has been discovered that in one last final act of defiance Ba'al and his minions planted a devious and diabolical piece of code into The Gatecasts core programming and when the centennial updatecame round (last Tuesday) all hell broke loose. Still deep in the proverbial and seriously contemplated starting from scratch but as of right now should have something ready for tomorrow or I may be putting too much pressure on techno panda Alan.

This weeks podcast is done and dusted, it's shorter and rougher then it should be but I really need to spend more time on the website and gets the feeds/itunes up and running. It may end up that it doesn't get posted this week or more specifically today even though I pride myself on the regular Saturday release schedule:) I guess I could put it on youtube, that means everyone would get to listen rather than some other audio links/sites and then it will also be in the RSS when it eventually gets sorted.
This should not have been this difficult:)

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