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Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Sensitist by John-Paul Cleary

The Sensitist (Convergent Space Book 3)The Sensitist by John-Paul Cleary
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Sensitist is the third novel in the Convergent Space series written by John-Paul Cleary and continues the story of Earth, the Renaissance, the Phelgars, Nimits and various other vested interests in the galaxy as it is after the "first wave" which changed so much many years earlier. The Shadow Ship and the revelations of its origins and capabilities continue to echo within this novel but itself takes a step into the background as the Renaissance leader Prime Validor Kodova seeks out the man who controls the weapon that destroys worlds. If he is alive then the weapon can be taken and war can begin, if he is dead then the weapon is lost and war can begin and if there is no weapon to use then yep war can begin. In this volatile mix the human Sensitist Amilla Haretra and her companion "Uncertainty" are drawn into the cold war but find their abilities and opportunities expand to meet the numerous challenges as they cross the stars and learn some of the dark secrets of the galaxy and beyond.
The Sensitist is very entertaining installment in this series, the inclusion of the world of Estia and the intriguing character of Bretch added much to the narrative and there were certainly amusing concepts with a world and its civil war between the young and the old and the Deathist culture where advanced social media helps create a persona that lives on after a being dies.
A worthy addition to the series and highly recommend and still holds up fairly well as a standalone novel although why would you begin with the third book in the series:)

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