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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Trellisane Confrontation by David Dvorkin

The Trellisane Confrontation (Star Trek, No 14)The Trellisane Confrontation by David Dvorkin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Enterprise is assigned to take some high value prisoners to a secure facility, they are a group dedicated to forcing a conflict between the Federation and Romulan Empire. During the pickup Captain Kirk is given access to a weak signal received from the planet Trellisane which is in a contested area of space. The message is vague and corrupted but seems to indicate a Klingon interest in the planet Sealon and the ongoing conflict between the two worlds. Kirk decides to investigate despite his standing orders and finds that the situation is far more advanced and dangerous then they first thought. The Klingons are indeed making a power play in the system but there are many secrets in the Trellisane society which could alter how the Federation feels about these people despite the strategic value of a presence in this area of the galaxy.
The Trellisane Confrontation is a solid run of the mill Star Trek adventure, some decent space combat and two stories running side by side, one on the ship and the other on the planet. I liked the idea of the Onetillian species, not quite sure how it would work but that's not an issue and some of the twists on Trellisane were unexpected and added a rather dark aspect to the story. Overall though a decent Trek story with a few good ideas but doesn't break any new ground.

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