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Sunday, 17 July 2022

Heavy Metal by Joshua Dalzelle


Heavy Metal (Terran Scout Fleet Book 4)Heavy Metal by Joshua Dalzelle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heavy Metal is the fourth novel in the Terran Scout Fleet series which was spun off from the Omega Force series and in this story we have Scout Team Obsidian once again led by Jacob Brown searching the galaxy for some stolen Earth technology. The pressure is on with Politicians and Military expecting a miracle from Obsidian who know that they will be hung out to dry if things go wrong, the morality of his job has been worrying Jacob for some time and it seems to be getting worse with each mission. Things take a turn when news reports indicate the stolen "mech" code name Atlas has been seen in action on a planet deep in civil unrest, as multiple interested parties converge on the planet Obsidian have their work cut out for me first to retrieve the mech or destroy it.
Heavy Metal is fast paced action adventure with our usual bunch of miscreants known as Scout Team Obsidian, an entertaining story set apart from the Omega Force series with no crossovers this time which allows Jacob and his men to grow a little through good and bad choices. A good and welcome addition to the series.

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