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Sunday, 25 July 2021

Vapor Trails by Joshua Dalzelle


Vapor Trails (Terran Scout Fleet Book 3)Vapor Trails by Joshua Dalzelle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jacob Burke and the remnants of Scout Team Obsidian in their stolen ship along with two synths continue to track down the human terrorists of One World. For various reasons the team are being hunted by One World operatives, their own command and of course Jason Burke who is not pleased the Phoenix is being flown around the galaxy and distracting him from his own search for Lucky. However Obsidian and Omega Force are converging as they both independently gather intel while juggling their relationships with the Navy and Intelligence services both of which it is now clear have been severely compromised. Eventually Omega Force and Obsidian converge on Koliss 2 and well emotions are vented all around but the intel they gather finally opens the door to finding out all of One World's secrets. Vapor Trails fully merges the original characters with those that were introduced in the spin off series of novels in a most satisfying way, both Jacob and Jason have to address some issues as events both old and current have light shone onto them. The novel overall is well paced with the mystery of One World being laid out in a believable fashion as a few threads from Omega Force being dangled with malicious glee.
New novels are due for both series and well I will be pre-ordering as soon as I am able and while I am more committed to Omega Force the adventures of Obsidian in the same sand box has been most gratifying.

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