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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Mimic and the Space Engineer Boxed Set by James David Victor

Mimic and the Space Engineer Boxed Set (Space Shifter Chronicles Omnibus Book 1)Mimic and the Space Engineer Boxed Set by James David Victor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Space Shifter Chronicles (Omnibus 1) contains the first three novels in the series namely Mimic and the Space Engineer, Mimic and the Journey Home and Mimic and the Fight for Freedom written by James David Victor. As you might expect the collection is an excellent value for money way into the series of novels and ultimately I bought all three omnibus releases which cover the nine novels in the series. The basic premise centers around an everyday run of the mill maintenance/janitor named Higgens who is assigned to a deep space drilling/mining vessel who makes first contact with an alien life form. The life form in question survives the mining of its asteroid home but is stuck in the drilling mechanism onboard the ship, for his own reasons Higgens chooses to strip down the mechanism which frees the alien well the adventure begins. Higgens soon learns that this being is a shape shifter and while trying to continue as if nothing special has happened and stay below the radar of some of the crew he learns that this "mimc" consumes some pretty exotic materials.
The narrative for the first book focuses on Higgens and Mimic and brings in a number of secondary characters who become central as the story unfolds. The second novel revolves around the search for the homeworld of the race Mimic belongs too and the third the consequences of finding it and the fact that all is not well. All three novels are well written with good character interaction and pacing is crisp with both action, drama and humour equally represented. As I said I enjoyed the first three novels and no worries about buying the subsequent releases to discover the fate of Higgens, Mimic and their friends as they deal with Earth and other interested parties.

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