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Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Dragon at the Gate by Michael G. Munz

A Dragon at the Gate (The New Aeneid Cycle #3)A Dragon at the Gate by Michael G. Munz
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A Dragon At The Gate is the third and final novel in the The New Aeneid Cycle by Michael G. Munz. Michael Flynn the young "freelancer" has certainly got more than he bargained for as he deals with the politics and economics of a Corporation controlled world and city of Northgate in particular. His journey amongst other freelancers and the cybernetic reality of the business has led him into fights for his life, decisions which end in death for others and the ever complex association with the clandestine Agents of Aeneas. Returning from the moon and all the revelations that brought with it did not provide a respite, a battle is being fought not only between the various Corporations for control of the technology found in the crashed spaceship but also a new player is making it's presences known, it's first target the Agents of Aeneas and then to achieve its goals anyone and everyone that stands in its way. As friends and comrades fall in the battle for humanity's future startling truths are brought into the light and yes there really is a dragon at the gate.
A Dragon at the Gate is an entertaining final chapter to the series, it took me longer to get around to reading the novel thanks to other literatury commitments but I was soon back upto speed and I was amazed when after one particular plot unfolded I glanced at the percentage read and found I was only half way through. I got a real buzz of expectation knowing that Michael would no doubt have raised the stakes and narrative to greater heights and I wasn't disappointed. This novel probably strays more into pure scifi then the cyber/dystopian future when compared to the first two novels but that's more of a payoff, there is plenty here for a reader who prizes that narrative and the bar is raised for fans of the more alien themed scifi. It really is a very well written novel and satisfying conclusion but I have to admit the epilogue had me frowning, not in bad way just an itch I couldn't scratch.
I can highly recommend the novel and by extension The New Aeneid Cycle trilogy.

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