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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ice Trap by L.A. Graf

Ice TrapIce Trap by L.A. Graf
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ice Trap is set on the planet Nordstral where a pharmaceutical company has an agreement with the native population to harvest vast amounts of plankton like material from the deep ice bound oceans. A mental illness with no obvious cause is spreading alarmingly through the Federation citizens on the planet and that combined with missing shuttle crews sends the Enterprise to investigate. Issues with the natives and the local representatives of the company complicate matters and as quakes impact across the planet it's very existence comes under threat.
Ice Trap took a long time to read mainly because it collided with christmas but that aside the story never really grabbed me but that's not to say the time spent on covering the landing party (Chekov and Uhura) wasn't rewarding because it was and Kirk having to deal with an equal and on their home turf was amusing.
I did have trouble understanding the need to harvest this material and how that worked with a pre-warp civilisation but the native Kitka population were written well and their culture and interaction was interesting especially with the Chekov/Uhura (plus red shirts) landing party.
Overall I may have got more from the novel if I had read it at the usual pace or maybe if the novel had been more engaging I would have found the time:)

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