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Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Prisoner of Eldaron: Crimson Worlds Successors II

The Prisoner of Eldaron: Crimson Worlds Successors IIThe Prisoner of Eldaron: Crimson Worlds Successors II by Jay Allan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Triumvirate advance their plans to take control of the human sphere of influence by a number of incredibly complex operations across many worlds but first Darius Cain and his Black Eagles the single foremost military force has to be eliminated and the trap has been set on the planet of Eldaron ruled by "The Tyrant". Darius knows it's a trap given the unexpected rise of forces equal to his own but with the lure of his father still being alive seventeen years after his ship was destroyed nothing is going to stop him and the men and women under his command never hesitate in offering him their support. Elias Cain is also beginning to realise the threat posed not only to his own world but the whole human race as he investigates very well organised and equipped pirate activity indicating support from his own government and by extension an unknown third party and separately the forces who have fought for freedom and survival mobilise to counter the threat as yet unspecified.
This is the second novel in the series and is everything a fan of Jay's writing would expect, hard fought and well written military scifi, a healthy dose of political intrigue and characters that on the surface could be very shallow but all fleshed out to give the reader the ability to truly react to the failures and success within the story as it unfolds.
The Prisoner of Eldaron was a pleasure to read and I await the third book.

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