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Friday, 19 December 2014

Seasonal TV Viewing - While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping 

A Sandra Bullock romantic comedy one of her earliest, produced after her breakout in Demolition Man and the huge hit Speed which really gave her career the boost into the star category. In this movie she is a lowly cashier/collector on the cities network of elevated railways who is mildly infatuated with a guy (Peter) she sees on daily basis. Working on a christmas eve she sees him accosted by some guys and he falls onto the tracks, she jumps on to the tracks as the train rushes towards them and saves his life. A slight hiccup at the hospital has the staff and the mans family believing she is his fiancee and this surprising but most welcome news helps the family get through the holidays while their older son is in a coma. Meanwhile complications mount up as the lie is played out and to add a further twist Lucy (Sandra Bullock) and Jack (the older brother) played by Bill Pullman fall in love but neither will admit it thanks to guilt and existing obligations.
It all comes to a head after Peter awakes from his coma and well he asks Lucy to marry him (for a second time as far as he knows).

While You Were Sleeping is an excellent romantic comedy and a good feel good christmas movie, there is not a bad character or performance in the entire film.

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