Saturday, 14 September 2013

Into Darkness Commentary

Ok after much juggling I'm finally getting to watch the commentary track for Star Trek Into Darkness on my plasma, once upon a time it was simply a matter of selecting the option on the Blu-ray menu now it's a case of finding a compatible device to play the itunes DRM video and stream it to the TV.
The future isn't always about convenience for the consumer.
It'll be interesting to see if I take away more of an appreciation for the movie, so far my opinion has been steadily falling and at this time I prefer the 2009 movie which has it's own share of issues and you know if studios continue to slap the consumer in the face with half arsed releases then I have to consider ceasing to buy movies. In many ways it's the extras that really set apart a retail release compared to a pirated release, if there is no content or quality difference then well do the math.

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