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Friday, 26 August 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 3 Part 2

S3E8 "A Very Supernatural Christmas"
It's christmas and Santa is killing people, bad santa.
Of course it's not the Santa we all know and love but his evil brother at the beck and call
of beings who were around long before the rise of Christianity.
Fun and games with a christmas special:)
S3E9 "Malleus Maleficarum"
A local bookclub aka coven goes awry when the goings on of the local neighbourhood folk cause distress and distrust but is it all part of a bigger plan?
Quite bloody and gruesome but a weak episode although lots of pretty women such as Marisa Ramirez.
 S3E10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
A Bobby episode which is long overdue because at this point we know little of his backstory and he's an
important character now. I dream of Bela, priceless:)
S3E11 "Mystery Spot"
Fun and hi-jinks when the boys investigate the "mystery spot" attraction and it's Groundhog Day once again.
Lots of fun and that's needed for what is to come.

S3E12 "Jus In Bello"
Henriksen is back and gets the jump on the boys but holed up in a local sheriffs office makes them an easy
target for the Demons out there which includes Peter DeLuise (SG1 writer/producer/director/actor). As the building is under siege only the most drastic action will save the souls trapped inside because someone is coming to finally take care of the competition. Brilliant episode.
S3E13 "Ghostfacers"
Ed and Harry are back selling their new fly on the wall reality show which includes Sam and Dean.
Awful episode.

A Closer Look
Ghostfacers Confessionals

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