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Friday, 26 August 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 3 Part 1

S3 Premiere "The Magnificent Seven"
The aftermath of the Hell Gate opening is pretty nondescript although in one small town 3 people starve to death whilst watching TV and a women is beaten to death over a pair of shoes. Sam, Dean and Bobby meet two more hunters and discover a diner populated by the possessed and then the battle commences.
Damn I'd forgotten how HOT Ruby was when played by Katie Cassidy and all things considered a kick ass premiere.
S3E2 "The Kids Are Alright"
Dean runs into an old flame who has a son from around the time they got together and well you'd put money on Ben being Deans kid given his looks, attitude and taste in music:)
Ruby also makes another appearance but that's nothing to do with the trouble that is surrounding the kids in this small housing community.
S3E3 "Bad Day at Black Rock"
A not so lucky rabbts foot, vengeful past associates and new human nemesis give Sam and Dean a run for their money.
Lauren Cohan plays Bela Talbot and gives Katie Cassidy serious competition in the looks department, not my favourite episode though despite a few laughs.
S3E4 "Sin City"
A town of sinners so where do you begin to look for the demons and it's not always the femme fatale although most of the time it is but that can be a good way to go all depending upon the time line:) The chat Dean has with the Demon is very interesting given what is revealed as the season goes on.
The late Don S Davis and Julia Benson (Stargate alumni) guest star as well as Sasha Barrese (Casey).
S3E5 "Bedtime Stories"
Fun and games with the Grimm style fairy tales coming to life.
This is a fun episode and perhaps holds true to the spirit of the original stories that have been watered down over the generations. For all the fun and games it has a heart wrenching conclusion.
 S3E6 "Red Sky at Morning"
A ghost ship spells doom for all those that see it when every 37 years it sails the tide and people drown on land. A hung sailer and a mummified hand hold the key to the vengeful spirit but the ends Sam and Dean have to go through stretch their nerves. It's Bela time and a joy to behold when shes runs rings around the boys.
S3E7 "Fresh Blood"
If vampires were not enough Gordon is out of jail and hot on the trail of Sam.
Not the greatest episode ever but nice stunt casting with Mercedes McNab the former high schooler and vampire on Buffy.
A Closer Look

There may be a theme to the chosen screencaps but hey they said in a commentary why don't they have more women in the cast and not be so fast to kill 'em off:)

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